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Whittington Family
of England, Virginia, Maryland and Mississippi

+Captain William Whittington was born around 1616 in either England or Virginia
and died around 1659.  He was a planter in Northampton County, Virginia.  He married 3 times and married his third wife, Elizabeth Weston, before 1648.

    In 1658, Captain Whittington gave 200 acres to the inhabitants of Northampton County for the general good---for building a courthouse and a prison, or a house for a free school.

    May 4, 1659:  Will of William Whittington leaves to his son, William (II), all his land in Virginia except 300 acres and all his land in Maryland to the child not yet born.  He also gave the 300 acres to his daughter, Ursula.

+Major William Whittington II (b. abt. 1649/50) married 5 times.  His second wife was Hester/Ester Littleton.  Whittington was a membere of the House of Burgess of Maryland.  In 1677, Governor Burkeley gave him 3 servants for the time they have to serve for bearing arms under the rebel Bacon.  Whittington lived in Somerset, MD in 1684.

Historical note:  In 1707, three justices were summoned down from Accomac, VA to value 50 acres at Townfield belonging to Secretary Jennings for a port.  Mr. William Whittington of Somerset, MD agreed to come and lay the town out in lots for 1500 lbs. of tobacco.  (This is either William Whittington II or III.)

+William Whittington III (b. abt. 1681 and d. 1756 in Accomac, VA) married Elizabeth aylor. 

  +Joshua Whittington married Elizabeth Nairn/Nairne on June 20, 1723 in Albemarle County, VA.

   +John Whittington (b. 1724 in Albemarle County, VA) married Sarah______.

     +Cornelius Whittington (b. April 24, 1749 in Albermarle County VA--now Essex County) married Rebecca Gilliam (b. Nov. 23, 1750).  Cornelius was a Revolutionary war soldier and lived in South Carolina in 1776.  After the war, he resided in Richmond and Hancock Counties, Georgia before moving to Amite County, Mississippi in 1800.

      +James Whittington (b. 1775 in South Carolina) married Sarah Jackson in Amite County, MS.

        +Noah Whittington (b. 1813) married (1st) Nancy Steel (2) Katie Parker.

          +Dempsey Whittington (b. Dec. 8, 1838  d. April 27, 1928 in Amite County and is buried in Zion Hill Cemetary) married Sarah Anders around 1863.

           +Willie F. Whittington (b. March 5, 1864 near Zion Hill in Amite County and died June 22, 1912) married Annie Lucretia Jackson on
Dec. 16, 1885.

              + Smylie Barney Whittington (b. Oct. 13, 1886  d. June 22, 1937) married Della Gertrude Branch on Sept. 10, 1914.  Della was born June 29, 1886 and died Dec. 11, 1974.  Both are buried at Zion Hill Cemetary.

                +Willie Morris (Bill) Whittington (b. March 9, 1922 in Norwood, LA  died Jan. 16, 1973 in Orlando Florida.  Married (1st) Mary Rebecca Maynor on March 6, 1943 in Charleston, SC.  Mary Rebecca was born on Oct. 2, 1921 to Angus Edgar and Virginia Ella
O'Neal Maynor of North Carolina.  Her grandparents were William Judson and Mary Ann Phillips Maynor of Moore/Chatham County, NC and John H. and Rebecca Ferrell O'Neal of Wake/Durham County, NC.  Bill and Mary Rebecca were divorced.  He later married (2nd) Mary Daak Bouchard on Oct. 18, 1969 in Orlando, Florida.