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Phillips Families of Chatham and Moore County, NC

Brick Walls:
1) Who were the parents of Mary Ann Phillips (b. 1845) who married William Judson Maynor?

2) Who were the parents of Chloe, William, Catherine, Berry and Joshua Phillips?  Chloe (b. 1808) married William Maynor - our earliest "known" ancestor.

3) Where did William Phillips get the 50 acres of land in Bear Creek Township (Chatham County, NC) that he was living on in 1850 with his sisters Catherine Phillips and Chloe Mainard & Chloe's 3 children?  The farm sat on the border of Chatham and Moore Counties with Tyson's Creek being the dividing line. 

Chloe Phillips (b. about 1808 d. before 1880) married William Maynor
    Joseph Maynor (b. 1842 d. 1917) married Mary Ann Martindale 
        (I think Mary Ann's parents were Bryan and Carey Martindale)
    William Judson Maynor (b. 1845 d. 1926) married Mary Ann Phillips
        Who are Mary Ann's parents???
    Theany Maynor (b. 1847 d. 1926) married Martin D. Davis
        son of William and Clarkey Hilliard Davis

William Phillips (b. about 1810 d. before March 1862) -- never married
Catherine Phillips (b. about 1815) -- never married
Joshua Phillips was a hatter (b. about 1820 d. abt. 1884) marrried Elizabeth
(b. about 1818 d. after 1884)
    Chloe Dean Phillips (b. about 1840) married William Maness
William Phillips (b. about 1842)
    Berry Phillips (b. about 1847)

Berry Phillips (b. abt. 1825 d. ). Berry hired his nephew, William Judson Maynor, to serve in his place in the Civil War. William served in the 44 Infantry, Co. E "Chatham County Turtle Paws."
(1st) married Mary Ann Shields. I believe Mary Ann is the daughter of Archibald and Miriam Shields of Moore County. Berry and Mary Ann were living next door to them in the 1850 NC Federal Census (Moore County).  By the time of the 1860 Census, Berry and family were living next to and farming with his brother, William Phillips in Chatham County (Bear Creek).
    Archibald Phillips (b. abt. 1849 - d. before 1860)
    Charles Wesley (b. abt. 1849 - 1921) married (1st) Emily Jones (2nd) Becky Maness

    William (b. abt. 1854 d. ?? young)
    Minerva (b. abt. 1855) married Nicholas A. Shields
    Margaret (Maggie/Mary) Phillips (b. Abt. 1856) married Taylor Davis
        Baxter Davis (b. Abt. 1879)
        Swannie Davis married Robert (Bob) Phillips (son of Polly Phillips & 
            Make Brady)
    John (b. 7/3/1859) married (1st) Josephine Johnson (2nd) Minnie Williams
    Henry Bascom Phillips (Bascom) (b. 1861 d. 1943 buried Phillips Family Cemetary in Glendon, NC--could not find a death certificate) married Ella Hancock (b. 12-9-1865 d. 2-1-1956). She was the daughter of John and Rhoda Frances (Fannie) Phillips Hancock.
    Celia E. (Ellen) Phillips (b. about 1864) married (1st) Davis (2nd) McCaskill

(2) Around 1886, Berry married Rhoda Frances Hancock (b. Aug. 1835 d. 4/18/1935), daughter of John and Clarkey Davis Hancock of Moore County.

May the 19th 1857
I William Phillips of the County of Chatham and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and emory but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existance do make and declare this my last Will
and Testament in maner and form following that is to say First that my executor (hereinafter named
shall provide for my boddy a decent burial suitable to the wishes of my relations and friends and pay
all funerel expenses togather with my just debts howsoever and to whomsoever owing out of the moneys that may first come into his hands as a part or parcel of my estate. Item I give and devise to my two sisters Catherin and Clow the tract of land I live on containing Fifty acres so as to include the house and other improvements to have and to hold to them the said Catherine and Clow for and during the term of their natural life in satisfaction for and during there life time in case they both live single. Item my will and desire is after the death of my sisters Catherine and Clow that the above named land be divided between my two nephews Wm. Phillips son of Joshua and Wm. Baxter son of Crisinbery to be divided east and west the dividing line to start at a rock near the upper end of the Harrcan Lake to run east Wm. Baxter to have the north side of the tract and Wm. Phillips son of Joshua Phillips to have the south side. Item my will and desire is that all the residue of my estate (if any) after taking out the devised and legatees above mentioned shall be sold and the debts owing to me collected and if there should be any surplus over and above the payments of debts expenses and legaces that such surplus shall be devided between my nearest relations.

and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my trusty friend Edward Phillips my lofful executor to all intents and purposes to execute this my last Will and Testament according to the true intent and meaning of the same and every part and cluse thereof herebyrevooking and declaring uterly void all other wills and testaments by me hrertofore made. Signed Sealed and declared by the said Wm. Phillips to be his last Will and Testament in the presents of us who at his request and in his presents do subscribe our names as witnesses thereto
Test Z.A. Boroughs Wm. Phillips (seal)
B. Boroughs
May 1862 (Will Probated)

William Phillips (deceased) Estate Sale
March 3, 1862 ~ Chatham County, NC
Copied from the original document at the NC Archives, Raleigh, NC.  Note: do means the same as ditto in the listing. A shote is a young hog.
The following is a list of the property of William Phillips Decd as sold by Edward Phillips
Executor, March 3rd 1862.
Berry Phillips 2 Hoes $ .05
Katherine Phillips 1 Matoc .30
Berry Phillips 1 Hoe .45
Eli Welch 1 Singletree .15
William Phillips 1 plow share .65
Joshua Phillips 1 B_____ Iron .05
Bryant Boroughs 1 Basket & Contents .25
William Phillips 1 Hatchet .35
James Ellis 1 Pr. Gear & contents .50
Stephen Phillips 1 Half Shovel .50
William B. Phillips 2 Barrells .25
Stephen Phillips A do .30
Katherine Phillips 1 Oven Lid .25
do 1 Skillet .50
Isaac Brady 1 Clivis (?) .17 2
Katherine Phillips 1 Water bucket .10
Zachius B. Moore 1 lot wheat 1.30 bu 2.60
do 1 lot oats 45 per bu .90
E___Kelly (?) 1 lot corn $1.10 per bu 4.88 2
Katherine Phillips 1 table .20
do 2 chairs .30
do 4 do .40
Katherine Phillips 1 cupboard .55
do 1 loom .10
Stephen Phillips 1 Ax 1.30
Samuel Mashburn 1 cow & calf 12.75
Zachius B. Moore 1 cow & calf 13.55
do 1 steer 5.05
William Phillips 1 Blue Shote 1.05
Zachius B. Moore 1 White Shote 1.00
do A do 1.50
do 1 Black do 1.50
Joseph Phillips Outclaim of hogs 3.05
Isaac Brady 1 Side Bacon 13 1/2th
16 cts 2.12
Reube Boroughs 24 2 do at 17 2 4.23 3/4
O.P. Smith 11 2 do 15 2 1.78
Benjamine Roberts 1 Shoulder 15th 14 ct 1.13
do ADo 12 3/4 12 ct 1.59
John Tally A do 12 1/2th at 12 ct 1.56 1/4
do 6 1/4" 6 .37 2
James Ellis Ham 10th 11 2 cts 1.15
Katherine Phillips l lot bacon .25
do 1 corn .25

I believe that Berry Phillips's son, William, died before 1871 and that is why Berry is making the following transaction of the 25 acres William was willed by his uncle, William Phillips.

RECORD OF DEEDS (BK, pages 366-367)

This indenture made July the 17th Eighteen hundred and Seventy-one, between Berry Phillips of the County of Chatham and State of North Carolina, of the one part, and D.S. Phillips of the other part of the County and State aforesaid. Witnessest: that the said Berry Phillips, his heirs and administrators for and in consideration of the Sum of Seventy five dollars to him in hand paid by the said D.S. Phillips at and before the delivering of these present the receipt whereof they doeth hereby acknowledge they have given granted bargained sold aliened remised released and confirmed, and doth by these present give, grant bargain sell alien remise release and confirms unto the said D.S. Phillips a tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the County of Chatham and State of North Carolina On the waters of Tysons Creek. Commencing at a bunch of Maples on the west running thence east across the upper end of the Hirrican Lake at a big rock from thence on East to Wombles line, from thence _____ with Wombles line to a state in the edge of the Haywood road, from thence West with Wombles line to Phillips line to a Post Oak with pointers, thence South with Phillips line to the beginning, this tract of land containing twenty-five acres more or less. To have and to hold the said land with its appurtenances to the only proper use and benefit of D.S. Phillips his heirs and assignees forever, and the said Berry Phillips his heirs executors and administrators doth covenant promise and agree with the said D.S. Phillips his heirs and assigns shall have hold occupy possess and enjoy the said land with its appurtenances without any let suit hinderance eviction or molistation from or by the lawful claims or claim of any person or persons whatsoever and to warrant and forever defend against all persons whatsoever. In testimony whereof the said Berry Phillips his heirs and assigns set their hands and affix their seals or in part set their hands and seals, the said Berry Phillips bind himself that the rest of his children shall assign this deed when they come of age. Signed Sealed and delivered the day and year first above written. Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of Bryan Phillips.
(Signed Berry Phillips ~ his mark)

Charles (his mark) Phillips
Manervi (?) E. (her mark) Phillips
Mary (her mark) Phillips
John J. Phillips
H.B. Phillips
Celia E. (her mark) Davis

State of North Carolina
Chatham County
The execution of the foregoing Deed was duly this day only proven before me by the oath and examination of Bryan Phillips, one of the subscribing witness thereto Let said deed and certificate be registered this the 15th day of May 1885.
Wm. Foushee, _____
Filed for record, May 15th 1885. L.A. Exline, Reg. Of Deeds

Then in 1887, William L. Phillips (son of Joshua) sold the 25 acres willed to him by his uncle, William Phillips.

RECORD OF DEEDS (BW, pages 531-532)

This Deed, made this 31st day of December, 1887 by William L. Phillip of Chatham Co., and State of North Carolina of the first part, to William B.S. Phillips of Moor Co. And State of North Carolina of the second part witnesseth.
That said William J. Phillips in consideration of Sixty dollars to him paid by Wm. B.S. Phillips, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, has bargained and sold and by _____
presents doth bargain, sell and convey to said William B.S. Phillips and his heirs and assignes, a certain tract or parcel of land in Bear Creek Township, Chatham County, State of North Carolina, adjoining the lands of Brinkley Phillips, D.S. Phillips and others, bounded as follows: Beginning on a Hickory Brinkley Phillips corner in the County line. Thence east with the County line to a stake near Phillips corner of the county line. Thence ____ to a corner to be made in D.S. Phillips lands thence west is a ___________upper end of the Harrican Lake. Thence South with Brinkley Phillips line to the beginning (?) station containing 25 acres, more or less.
To have and to hold the aforesaid tract or parcel of land and all privileges and appurtenances _____ belonging to the said William B.S. Phillips his heirs and assignees to their use and _____ forever.
And the said William J. Phillips covenant to and with the said William B.S. Phillips his heirs and assignees that he is seized of said premises in fee and has right to convey the same in fee simple, that the same is free from all incumbrances and that he will warrant and defend the said title to the same against the claim of all persons whatsoever.
In Testimony Whereof, the said William L. Phillips has hereunto set his hand and seal, the day and year above written.
William L. Phillips

(The execution of the deed was witnessed by a Justice of the Peace)

Joshua Phillips Estate
Petition for Elizabeth Phillips (widow)
Chatham County, North Carolina
Documentation for Year's Support
June 10, 1884
North Carolina
Chatham County

In the matter of Elizabeth Phillips widow of the late Joshua Phillips dec'd.
The undersigned J.R. Jones Justice of the Peace Bryant Borroughs & William A. Smith commissioners summoned to lay off and allot to the said widow a years support for herself and family after being duly sworn, that we fine upon examination, that said family consist of her self only, and we assigned to her the following articles of personal property from the estate of said deceased. The values then to (_?_). To wit:
House hold & Kitch Furniture $ 25.00
Farming Tools 12.00
Two work oxen 25.00
Two cows & calves 20.00
Four Head cattle 20.00
(____?____) 14.00
One shot gun (4.00),One Rifle Gun (6.00) 10.00
140 lbs. Flour (3.75) One bu Corn (1.00) 4.75
Hatter Tools (5.00) 16 lbs. Bacon (1.92) 6.92
Wheat & Oat crop 35.00

We fine that there is not a sufficiency to make the amount allowed by Law, we therefore assess the
eficiency at one hundred & twenty seven 33/100 dollars all of which is respectfully submitted.
This June 10th 1884
J.R. Jones, J.Peace
B. Borroughs
William A. Smith

Transcriber's Note: Document copied at the N.C. Archives, Raleigh, NC on Sept. 10, 2004.  Joshua and Elizabeth Phillips lived in Moore County, NC from 1850-1880, however, this document was filed in Chatham County, NC.