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Lunsford Family
of Rockbridge, Virginia and Granville County, NC

Surname spellings:  Lunsford, Lunceford, Luntsford, Lonsford, Lunseford, Luncford, Lansford, Lundsford, Lunsforf, Linsford and more!

Reuben Lunsford (b.  d. abt. 1845 Virginia) married Margaret Dennison on 30 May 1792 in Bath County, Virginia.  (Rubin Lunsford to Mary Dennison).  Reuben received a land grant of 80 acres in Bath County in 1797.  

    Miscellaneous Research Notes (from online posting):  Margaret married John Higgins after the death of Reuben.  Margaret Higgins applied for a widow's pension on Reuben Lunceford's service in the Virginia Continental Line on Feb. 18, 1857 from her home in Lawrence County, Ohio.  It states that Reuben was drafted, served 18 months and that he came from Amherst County, VA .  Margaret stated she was married to Reuben Lunsford in 1791 Bath County, Virginia and she had been a widow for 12 years (abt. 1845).
   Children of Reuben and Margaret/Mary:
   Reuben (b. 1795  d. 2-21-1877 Virginia)
    Nancy (b. 1803) married John Cameron on 20 March 1825 in Rockbridge County, VA.

   Reuben married Elizabeth Climer (Klemmer) on 20 Sept. 1815 in Rockbridge County, VA. Elizabeth was born 22 Sept. 1795 in Littlestown, Adams County, PA to Magdelena/Modlena and George Ludwig Klemmer/Clemmer (b. 1753  d. 1838 VA). The Klemmers moved to Virginia in 1788 from Pennsylvania and then to Rockbridge County in 1803.  After they moved to Virginia, their name was always spelled Climer/Climmer  instead of Klemmer.

       Reuben is buried between his son and daughter-in-law, William and Susanna Stoner Lunsford, at Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church in Steeles Tavern, Virginia along with many of his grandchildren.

       Probable children of Reuben and Elizabeth Lunsford:
       William (b. 1818  d. 3-23-1900)
       George (b. 1820)
         John (b. 1817/1825)
         Margaret (b. 1827)
         Elizabeth (b. 1830)
         James (b. 1831)

         Other Possible Children of Reuben and Elizabeth:
         David Lewis (b. 1819)
         Alexander (b. 1822)
         Reuben (b. 1825)

        William Lunsford (b. 1818 Virginia d. 3-23-1900 Virginia) married Susannah Stoner on 3/3/1846 in Rockbridge, VA.  They had 9 children.   Susannah Stoner was born 27 Dec. 1828 and died 17 Nov. 1910 and is buried with William and his father, Reuben, at Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church in Steeles Tavern, Virginia.  I believe her parents were George and Elizabeth Strickland (b. abt. 1805) Stoner of Rockbridge.

         Children of William and Susannah Stoner Lunsford:
            Andrew (b. abt 1846 - possibly moved to West Virginia by 1870)
            Eliza J. (b. abt 1849) married Charles R. Rosen (a farmer) on 2-22-1872 in Rockbridge.  Charles was the son of Jacob and Margaret Rosen.
            James W. (b. 9-27-1852  d. 10-12-1918 buried at Mt. Carmel) married
                (1st) Georgianna (Georgia A.) Brooks on 11-4-1880 in Rockbridge.  Georgianna was born 4-27-1857 d. 8-13-1897 and is buried at Mt. Carmel.  Her parents were J.W. and P.A. Brooks. Their children were:  Avis H. (b. 8-19-1881 d. 2-12-1959 buried at Mt. Carmel) married Lillian E.; Walter I. (b. 4-21-1895  d. 1-13-1985 buried at Mt. Carmel); James H. b. 3-4-1897  d. unk. buried at Mt. Carmel) married Ada Mae.  (2nd) Amanda Lee Wheeler Humphries on 3-29-1905.  Amanda was b. 11-9-1866 and d. 2-5-1951and is buried at Mt. Carmel with James and Georgianna.  Amanda was the widow of a Mr. Humphries (son of Benjamin and Barbara Humphries).
            Hamilton T. (b. abt. 1857) was a carpenter.  He married Rosa B. Fultz on 12-16-1885 in Rockbridge.  Rosa
was born abt. 1867 in Shenandoah County to Wm. and A. Fultz.
            David H. (b. 9-13-1860  d. 8-2-1926 buried at Mt. Carmel) married Estaline J. ____ (b. 3-15-1868 d. unk.  Buried at Mt. Carmel.  Children:  Hugh R. (b. 9-31897  d. 3-10-1968 buried at Mt. Carmel) and Anna  b. 1901).
            Ella S. (b. abt 1864) married Cyrus A. Morrison on 5-11-1882 in Rockbridge.  He was a farmer and the son of S.C. And S. Morrison.  Their children were: William (b. 1884), George (b. 1888),  Jack E./Jacob (b. Nov. 1889), Susis S. (B. Feb. 1893), Alfred (b. July 1894), Mattie F. (b. Sept. 1896), Eliza E. (b. Jan 1898), and Robert (b. 1904)
            John Tysinger (b. 3-11-1867  d. 8-30-1952) married Rosa Kesterson on 1-4-1893 in Rockbridge.
            Charles F. (b. 9-8-1869  d. 2-4-1946) married Lona A. (Loney Maphis).  Lona was born 2-24-1868 and d. 8-7-1945).  Both Charles and Lona are buried at Mt. Carmel.  Children:  Price G. (Gilford P.) (b. 7-12-1895  d. unk. buried at Mt. Carmel beside Pauline M. Lunsford b. 12-27-1896  d. 11-22-1957); Erskine (Ersker) H. (b. 3-1-1899  d. 6-18-1958 buried at Mt. Carmel next to Clara D. Lunsford (b. 8-11-1901  d. 11-17-1965); Hellen (b. 1904)

         George H. Lunsford
(b. abt. 1854 Virginia  d. 6-3-1934 in Granville County, NC) married Parthenia Moore in abt. 1882.  Parthenia was born about 1858 in Halifax, Virginia and died 8-1-1931 in Granville County.  Her parents were William  (b. 1820 VA) and Elizabeth (b. 1819 VA) Moore of Halifax, VA.  Her brothers and sisters were:  Warren (b. 1842), John (b. 1844), Nancy (b. 1846), Martha (b. 1848), Rosa (b. 1854), Robert (b. 1855) and Francis (b. 1859). 
                 Children of George H. and Parthenia Moore Lunsford:
                 Joseph J. Lunsford (b. abt 1882 Virginia)

                 William King Lunsford (b. 2-14-1886 Clarksville, VA  d. 4-28-1945 Granville County, NC) married Madie Weary on April 7, 1907.  Madie was born 10-21-1892 in Virginia to John Green and Sarah Ann Bowen Claiborne Weary.  Sarah was a widow when she married John Weary.  Madie Weary Lunsford died 5-20-1969 in Oxford, Granville County, NC.

The Kennedy-Lunsford Farm
Virginia Historical Register
The Kennedy-Lunsford Farm is located in northeastern Rockbridge County in western Virginia and includes a limestone farmhouse which represents the first wave of permanent architecture in the Shenandoah Valley.  The farmhouse is located along Route 606 (Raphine Road) between the historic villages of Brownsburg and Raphine.  The timeline of families who owned the Kennedy-Lunsford Farm are:

Benjamin Borden received the land through a grant from the Governor of VA. in 1739.  His heirs sold 341 acres to Andrew & John Kenady (Kennedy) in 1762.  Andrew Kennedy gave his son, Joseph, 200 acres in 1793.  Joseph Kennedy died 1819/1820, but land remained in the family.  John & Elizabeth Kennedy & Mary Kennedy sold 232.5 acres to Robert Harris, Sr. in 1847 for $2,700.  Transferred to Robert Harris, Jr.
Transferred to Sarah (Saily) Harris. (193.25 acres) from her son, Robert.  Harris estate sold the property at auction in 1876 to N. David McCormick.

1891--N. Davis McCormick sold the farm to William Lunsford. Through much of the twentieth century,
the house was known as the Old Lunsford House.
1892--William & Susannah Lunsford sold the house & 140 acres + 145 poles for $2,000 to their son, James Lunsford.  At his death in early 1920's, the house went to James's son, Avis Lunsford.
1958--Avis H. & Lillian
Lunsford sold the house & land to William & Elderine Campbell.

The Gudals purchased the land from the Campbells on 26 January 1973. At that time the property was 140 acres and 145 poles.  The current owners, Mr. and Mrs. Grant H. Griswold purchased the farm (136.7 acres) in 1975 from Sue Ann Gudal.

The Kennedy-Lunsford Farm in Virginia