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HENRY FIELDS (b. Abt. 1725-1750) (d. Abt. 1799 Chatham County) married unknown (b. unk. d. after 1799). They had 10 children.
    John Fields
    Richard Fields
    Lewis Fields
    James Fields
    David Fields
    Mary Fields
    Theophilus Fields
    Sarah Fields
    Abraham Fields

    ISAAC FIELDS (b. Abt. 1790 d. ?) Chatham County married Nancy.  They had
    9 known children:
    Green B. (b. Abt 1810)
    Kearney C. (b. Abt. 1821)
    Henry (b. Abt. 1823)
    Richard (b. Abt. 1827)
    Edward (b. Abt 1830)
    James (b. Abt. 1832)
    Isaac (b. Abt. 1834)
    Mary (b. Abt. 1836)

    JOHN (JACK) FIELDS (b. Abt. 1825) married (1st) Nancy in 1849/1850
        Children of John and Nancy Fields:
        Telitha Fields (b. Abt. 1852)
        John Fields (b. Abt. 1860)

   John married (2nd) Sarah Short on Aug. 18, 1861 in Ritters Twp., Moore County.  Sarah was born about 1831 to Daniel and Margaret Hinson Short of Moore
County.  Margaret Hinson Short was born 8-10-1787 and died 6-21-1872.  Daniel Short was born 2-9-1782 and died 1-4-1858.  Both are buried in the Short Family Cemetary in    Moore County.  A copy of Margaret Short's will is shown below.

   Sarah Short's brothers and sisters were:  Burwell H. (b. 1820  d. 1862 in Civil War); Daniel (b. 1827 d. 1880), Brinkley (b. abt. 1832), Eliza/Mary Elizabeth (b. abt. 1834 married Thomas Maness), Frances Ann (b. abt 1835  d. 1895),  Margaret (b. abt. 1837 married B. H. Cole on 11-5-1857), Ellen (b. 5-10-1838 d. 3-6-1886 buried Carthage Presbyterian Church; married Charles Fields--she was his first wife), Caroline (b. abt. 1840), and Samuel (b. abt. 1844  d. before Feb. 1862).  

        Children of John and Sarah Fields:
        Sarah Margaret Fields (b. abt. 1864)
        Allis Fields (b. abt. 1866)
        Giles P. Fields (b. abt. 1868)

        HASSIE S. FIELDS (b. abt. 1870/1872  d. ??) married Cornelius J. Maynor (b. abt. 1869  d. ??) on July 8, 1895 at the bride's home on Crawley's Creek in Carthage, NC.  Cornelius was a barber and the son of William Judson and Mary Ann Phillips Maynor.  His grandparents were William and Chloe Phillips Maynor.

        1900 Durham County NC Census (321 South Street)
        Cornelius Maynord, born August 1869, age 30, barber
        Hassie, born May 1870, age 30, married 5 years

January 1900 --  C.J. and Hassie sold the land on Crawley's Creek that had been left to her by her family. In 1903, a court judgement was filed against them for the remainder of the estate.

        1903-04 Durham, NC City Directory ~ Cornelius is listed as a barber and living at 303 McMannon Street (now Mangum Street).

        1910 NC Federal Census (Gilmer Twp, Guilford County, NC)
        Hassie Maynor (39, widow, born NC) is a boarder in the home of  Mary E. Short (age 41, widow, rents home).  Mary's husband was Bart (Bartlett) Short, son of Daniel and Elizabeth Short of Moore County.

        1911/1912 Durham NC City Directory
        Miss Hassie Maynor (age 40) is a boarder in a private home on Smallwood Ave.
I cannot find any record of Hassie after 1912 ~ what happened to her?  Does she still have relatives in Moore County, NC ?

         1926 ~ William Judson Maynor's Obituary in Durham, NC newspaper
           The obituary  listed C.J. Maynor as
residing in Cleveland, Ohio, however,  further research has not turned up any evidence of C.J. living in Cleveland.

960 Asheville, NC City Directory
A C.J. Maynard is listed as living in a trailor.  Is this our C.J.?

MARGARET SHORT WILL - Feb. 12, 1862 - Moore County, North Carolina

(copy of will received from N.C. State Archives)

I Margaret Short of the County of Moore and State North Carolina, being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make/publish and declare this to be my last will and testament in maner following towit.

Item 1st; I desire my Executor herein after named to conduct my funeral according to the wishes and directions of my children and friends and to pay my funeral expenses and just debts due to any one from me out of my estate.
Item 2; I will devise & bequeath to my daughter Frances Vick wife of John Vick and at her death to the living of her body, to her and their sole and separate use and not to be subject to the duty control or control of her said husband John Vick a track of land in said County.; One hundred and sixty three acres more or less the tract of land on which said Vick and family now lives being the same allotted to said Vick & wife in the division of the real estate of the late Daniel Short since and now owned by me but the above devise of said
tract of land to my daughter Francis and her living is made subject to the payment of her husband John Vick or by his living or some one for them of a debt of one hundred dollars with all interest due thereon which said Vick now owes to me and if said debt be not paid to me my Executor is directed to collect the same, and if it cannot be paid without a sale of said tract of land or a part thereof, hereby devised to my said daughter her living then I direct my Executor to sale so much of said land as may be necessary for the payment of said debt and interest.
Item 3; the balance of my estate and property real and personal or mixed or whatever it may consist I give devise and bequeath to my children Sarah Short, Eliza Short, Ellen Short, Caroline Short and (?) Saml P. Short and their living share and share alike.
Item 4th; I desire and hope all my other children will be satisfied with this my will as I think in view of all the circumstances, I have acted rightfully and I hereby appoint and constitute Pleasant Short & B.H. Short my Executors to make _____? My will and testament and carry out it.

Margaret Shorts Will
Its several provisions.
Signed sealed and declared in presence of Us this 12 Febry 1862
A.H. McNeill
A.M. Branson
Maragaret (her mark) Short

Whereas I Margaret Short have made my last will and testament bearing date
12th Febry 1862, I do by this my writing which I hereby declare to be a codicil to my said will to be taken and construed as a part of the same Item I will direct that the interest in Item 3rd to Saml P. Short as he is dead is to be equally divided between my four daughters, Sarah Fields, Eliza Short, Ellen Fields and Carolina Short Share and Share alike. And I hereby revoke the appointment of B.H. Short and Pleasant Short as my Executors and do hereby appoint A.H. McNeill, my Executor to execute this my last will and testament and carry out its several provisions.
Signed sealed published  By the said Margaret Short
To be her last will and testament
In presence of
I.H. Caddill (or J.H. Caddill)
Angus Currie
Margaret (her mark) Short

I Margaret Short do hereby release John Vick from any and all claims which I have against him.; I did have a claim of one hundred dollars.; I have been satisfied of the same, and hereby release the same as aforesaid this 10th Febry 1870.
I.H. Caddill
Margaret (her mark) Short
North Carolina
Moore County

We the undersigned being (?) in law of Margaret Short having heard a paper
writing read purporting to be the last will and testament of the said Margaret Short and the said paper writing appoints one A.H. McNeill Executor we hereby request the proper authority to allow the said McNeill to qualify without trouble to him

This 25th Nov. 1873
John Hancock
Brinkly Short
Benjamin H. Cole
Devotion Short
John Vick