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O'Neal Family 
of Johnston, Wake and Durham Counties NC

+John O'Neal (b. abt. 1730 Virginia/NC) married unknown

Children of John and (unknown) O'Neal:

+Micajah O'Neal (b. ? D. 1787 O'Neal's Township, Johnston County, NC) married Clarency (Alsabeth)
  Richardson on 1-21-1768 Johnston County.  She was born 
abt. 1748 in Johnston County.  After Micajah's
  death, Alsabeth married William Earp of Wake County on Feb. 15, 1792.  William Earp had two children
  by his previous wife, Unity and Littleberry Earp. 

    Children of Micajah and Alsabeth Richardson O'Neal:
    Nancy O'Neal
    Penelope O'Neal
    William O'Neal (b. 4-15-1782 Johnston County d. 5-8-1844)
married Serena (Rene) Hinton on 12-1-1801
         Rene was
b. 12-22-1780 d. 9-26-1840.  Descendants of the family state that both were buried in the
         cemetery on the mansion plantation which son William Hinton O'Neal inherited from his
         father. William and his brother Zachariah petitioned for the division of lands of their deceased father,
         Micajah, on 23 August 1803. William's share of estate was 313 acres on both sides of Cattail Swamp
         adjoining lands of Josiah Houlder. All of William's land today is O'Neals Township, Johnston County. 
         William deeded land to his children prior to death, and after his death 15 slaves were divided among
         his heirs, namely: Simon, Eli, Harkliss, Braddock, Dorcas, Tildia, Mary, John, Jordon, Guilford,
         Hardy, Julia, Monroe, Nancy and Westley.

Zachariah O'Neal (b. abt. 1783 d. 1861-1870).  William and his brother Zachariah petitioned for the
     division of lands of their deceased father, Micajah, on 23 August 1803.   Zachariah received the
     mansion, plantation, 550 acres on both sides of Little River near Wake County line. He moved to Wake
     County and sold his land in the area which later was known as Earpsboro to Littleberry Earp, his half

            married: (1st)  unknown about 1821
            married (2nd) Mary Page on 4-4-1831, Wake County, NC
            married (3rd) Mary Grady on 2-2-1836, Wake County, NC.  Children were: Sarah (b. 1839), 
                 (b. 1840), James (b. 1841), Jane (b. 1846), and Rhina (b. 1849).

Children of Zachariah and (unknown) O'Neal:
William O'Neal (b. abt. 1825 d. ? after 1880) married Mary Earp
(b. abt. 1830 d. after 1880)
         Children:  Emma Lee O'Neal (b. 4-6-1858 Wake County d. 1-19-1931 Carr Township,
Durham, NC.
         Emma is buried at Woodlawn Cemetary --old name was Pine Hill Cemetary)
married John Louis King
         on 2-4-1875, Oak Grove Township, Wake County (Oak Grove was later annexed by Durham County).
         John King was
b. 3-18-1854 Wake County d. 1-14-1932 Durham and is also buriedt Woodlawn.        
            Children of Emma Lee O'Neal and John Louis King: Effie Lee King (b. 1-28-1885 Wake County
            d. 4-6-1964 Durham)
married Charlie Thomas O'Briant on 12-24-1903, Nero, Wake County, NC .
            Charlie was (b. 6-8-1875 Granville Cty d. 9-18-1933 Durham.

    +Michael O'Neal (b. abt. 1823 d. before 1870)
married Ann Barker on 3-6-1840, Wake County
      (b. abt. 1823  d. unk.)

         Children of Michael and Ann Barker O'Neal:
         Willie (b. abt. 1844)
         Elizabeth (b. abt. 1851)
         Franklin P. (b. abt. 1853 d. 12-20-1907 NC) married Mary Magdaline (?) (b. 1853 d. 6-9-1928 NC)

        +John H. O'Neal
 (b. 5-24-1847 d. 8-21-1898 buried Durham NC--Maplewood Cemetary)
           married Rebecca A. Ferrell (Ferrill) on 8-5-1868
(b. abt. 1849 d. 9-24-1902 Durham NC--Maplewood
           Cemetery).  I think Rebecca's parents were John and Martha Lassiter Ferrell of Wake County.  They
           were married March 3, 1846 in Wake County.

           Children of John H. and Rebecca Ferrell O'Neal:
           Ada Judson (b. 5-28-1869 d. ?)
ichael Mauby (b. 5-14-1870 d. ? before 1880)
           Charlie Monroe (b. 7-14-1872 d. 8-21-1932)
married Lucy ______ on 9-21-1894.
           William Seaton (b. 10-20-1874 d. ? Lived in High Point, NC)
           Walter Alpheus (Alvis) (b. 7-21-1876 d. 7/31 or 8/1/1934)
married (1st) Essie Mims on 12-23-1900
                and married (2nd) Bessie L. ________ (b. abt. 1890).  Their daughter, Margaret Helen,
                a Mr. Barnes.
           Sallie Ann (b. 5-13-1878 d. ?) married John A. Pollard.
           Eliza Jane  (b. 11-11-1880 d. 3-7-1963 Durham NC)
married (1st) Henry G. O'Neal on 11-2-1902 in
               Durham (b. ? d. ?)
married (2nd) Edgar T. (Uncle T) Shepherd (b. ? d. ?). 
           Flora R. (b. 9-27-1887  d. 11-17-1959) lived with Miss Minnie King on Hart Street in Durham.
           Annie Mae (b. 2-14-1891  d. 6-19-1933) married John E. Sharpe of Hillsborough.

         +Virginia Ella (Jennie)  (b. 4-11-1883 d. 1-12-1965 buried Maplewood)
              (1st) Angus Edgar Maynor on 6-25-1902 Durham.  Angus  was born 6-61877 or 6-22-1877 in
              Moore or Chatham County, NC and was the son of William Judson and Mary Ann Phillips
              Maynor.  By early 1900, Angus was living in Durham, NC and was a barber in a downtown
              barber shop.  After his marriage to Jennie, they also lived in Hendersonville and Greensboro,
Angus disappeared in 1927 from Greensboro, NC where they were living.  Angus was
              never heard from again and in 1933, Virginia received an absolute divorce from him.  
              December 29, 1933, Jennie married  (2nd) John E. Sharpe of Hillsborough, the son of Robert
              and Nannie Sharpe (Sharp) and the husband of her late sister, Annie Mae O'Neal who died
              in June 1933.  John Sharpe had 4 children with his late wife Annie:  Robert E., Frederick,
              O'Neal and Norris.

              Children of Virginia Ella O'Neal Maynor and Angus Edgar Maynor:
               Vera Leigh Maynor
                Lois Maynor
                Victor Edgar Maynor
              +Mary Rebecca Maynor