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ADCOCK FAMILY CONNECTIONS of Virginia & Granville County, NC

+John Adcock (b. Virginia  d. abt. 1780 NC) married (unknown)

Children of John Adcock:

+Edward Connaway Adcock (b. ? 1760  d. before 1800) married Tabitha White (b. ?  d. 1841) on 4 July 1780 in Granville County, NC.

Children of Edward and Tabitha White Adcock:

+George Adcock (b. ?  d. ?) maried Elizabeth Meadows on 27 Dec. 1809 in Granville County, NC

Children of George and Elizabeth Adcock:

Littleton Adcock (b. abt. 1810  d. ?) married Lucritia Kimball on 28 Feb. 1835 in Granville County, NC.  They were listed in the 1850-1880 Federal Census for Granville County.  One of their sons, John. H. Adcock (b. abt. 1845) maried (1st) Eliza (b. ?  d. 1895) and (2nd) married Mary S. about 1895.  John and Mary had a daughter, Lucretia/Lou (b. abt. 1899) who married Jack (Benjamin Jack) Newton.

+William Adcock (b. 1781 NC) married (1st) Elizabeth Johnson (b. abt. 1785 NC) on 26 March 1803 in Granville County, NC and (2nd) married Letha Harris on 23 Sept. 1818 in Granville County.

Children of William and Elizabeth Johnson Adcock:

Jesse Adcock (b. 1806 Granville County, NC  d. Dickenson County, TN)

+Burgess Adcock (b. abt. 1806  d. after 1880) married Catherine Wilkerson (b. abt. 1807  d. after 1880) on 27 Dec. 1825 in Granville County.  There is an estate file for Burgess Adcock dated 1889 in the NC Archives.

Children of William and Letha Harris Adcock:

Robert Adcock (b. 2/12/1839  d. 4/2/1915 buried in Adcock Family Cemetary, Mangum Township, Durham, NC.  Buried beside his wife Phonetta Adcock.)  Phonetta was b. ? and died 8/7/1911.  Robert married Furnetta Ellis on 2 April 1858 in Orange County, NC -- she was the sister of Sabrina Ellis who married Alexander (Lex) Adcock. 

Henry Thomas Adcock (b.  d. )

+Children of Burgess and Catherine Adcock (all born in Granville County, NC):

Elizabeth (b. abt. 1829), Nancy (b. abt 1831), James (b. 20 Sept. 1833  d. 21 Feb. 1924 buried in a cemetary off Goshen Road in Granville County.  Served in the Civil War), Marsha (b. abt. 1836), Alexander/Lex (b. abt 1836), Mary (b. abt. 1840), Lucy (b. abt. 1842), Henry (b. abt. 1844), John (b. abt. 1848 -- married a Tatum).

+Alexander (Lex) Adcock (b. abt. 1836  died in Civil War) married Sabrinah Ellis on 34 Oct. 1858 in Orange County, NC.  She was born about 1832 to Levin and Rena Ellis of Orange County.  Levin C. Ellis was born 15 Dec. 1795 in Lauren, Delaware (Sussex County).  His parents were George and Nancy (? Finwick) Ellis.

Children of Alexander/Lex and Sabrinah Ellis Adcock:

+J.B. (John Benjamin/James B.) Adcock (b. 9-12-1859  d. 10-31-1934 Granville County, NC).  Married Victoria (Misty) Tatum (b. 2-19-1860 VA  d. 1-29-1938 Granville County, NC).  Victoria was the daughter of Washington A. and Emily F. Cole Tatum.  Washington Tatum married Emily Cole on 29 March 1843 in Person County.

Children of John Benjamin and Victoria Tatum Adcock:

John Henry (b. 2-23-1882  d. 1-10-1944 Granville Co.) married Georgia Peake

Victoria married John West

Lucy married (unknown) Honeysuckle/Honeycutt


+Robert Taylor Adcock (b. 6-6-1894  d. 3-20-1974 Granville County, NC) married Mattie Mangum (b. 6-1-1900  d. 10-28-1946).  Mattie was the daughter of Augustus (Gus) Mangum of Granville/Person County, NC and Ida (Sarah Ida) Bowling of Orange County, NC. 

Mangum Family Connections
of Person and Granville Counties, NC

Sol (Solomon) MANGUM (b. about 1817 Granville/Person Co. NC) married Elvey (Evy) Meadows (b. abt. 1812 NC on April 10, 1839 in Granville County.  Elvey was the daughter of ____ and Sarah Meadows.  Sol was a wheelwright or wagon maker.  In the 1850 Census, they were living in Person County.  By 1860, they were in Granville County.

   Children of Sol and Elvey Meadows Mangum:
   William (b. 1840)
    Joseph (b. 1842)
John (b. 1844)
    Presley (Press) Mangum (b. 8-29-1848 d. 6-15-1922 Granville County, NC)
   Augustus (GUS) Mangum (b. 10-10-1845 Granville/Person County. d. 3-22-1915 Granville County) married Ida (Sarah Ida) BOWLING (born 10-10-1844 Person Co. NC died 10-3-1929 Granville County NC).  Ida's parents were William Bowling and Hasley Philpot of Person Cty NC.

Children of Augustus and Ida Bowling Mangum:
    Mattie Mangum (b. 6-1-1900 Granville Co. NC d. 10-28-1946 Granville Co. NC) married Robert Taylor Adcock (b. 6-6-1894 d. 3-20-1974).  Robert's parents were J.B. (John Benjamin/James B.) Adcock     (b. 9-12-1859 Granville  County d. 10-31-1934 Granville Co. NC) married Victoria (Misty) Tatum (b. 2-19-1860 d. 1-29-1938 Granville County).